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Beth David's stories for children

Beth David has written several stories for children, including: The Zebra Who Lost His Stripes; Shep, Joe & Malunkus Harry; andthe first in a Nikommo Island series, Who Makes the Magic? Zorena And the Medallion of Corandu is also suitable for children 11+.
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The Zebra Who Lost His Stripes
A light-hearted little fairy tale about a Zebra who loses his stripes and thinks that means he loses himself, but learns otherwise.

Available in ebook format: Only 99 cents.
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Shep, Joe, & Malunkus Harry
A fun little tale about an encounter with a master storyteller by a young brother and sister.

Available in ebook format: Only 99 cents.
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Who Makes the Magic?
With Bedtime Version
My latest foray into fiction: A Christmas tale of magic on a small island. All Mark Waters can think of is how awful it will be if there aren't any toys under the tree at Christmas. He knows his parents are having financial trouble and there's a good chance the tree will be bare. But with a little help from the Little People of Nikommo Island, Mark learns that there's more to Christmas than bicycles and board games. Throw in an aging theatrical neighbor, a snooty know-it-all cousin, and a little bit of island lore, and you're sure to put this little tale on your list of annual must-reads at Christmastide....or any time of year when you could use a little magic. Written for adults, but suitable for all ages. Shorter/bedtime version at the end for younger children.

Long version: 9576 words; bedtime version 2693 words. $1.49, available as ebook only

Visit my Amazon.com author page or Nook Books  to buy.