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Do you have room in your yard for a fairy house?

No matter how small your yard is, you can make it welcoming to fairies. The easiest way is simply to pick a small area in a corner to leave wild and unkempt. That means, just don’t cut the grass, let a few large weeds grow. Let some tangled vegetation grow there so the fairies can hide among the tangles. Most definitely do not fertilize that place, or use any kind of poison there.

Fairies travel the world at night. They fly, they walk, they flit along paths that they love. But they often stop to rest at certain spots they believe are safe. You can create a safe space for the fairies that travel through your yard. Fairies bring good magic with them and will bless your yard and your home with happiness.

You can also make a fairy house for our magical friends. Use only natural building materials, such as rocks, shells, and wood that has fallen from trees. Do NOT cut any wood from healthy limbs for your fairy house. This will offend the fairies and they will not stay there.

If you have an old tree in your yard that has branches that reach the ground creating a space between the leaves and the ground or between fir needles and the ground, then you probably already have a stopover for fairies.

I had to cut down one such tree when it was dying and about to fall on my house. I felt terrible when I realized we had to cut it down, because I knew from the day I bought my house, that fairies used that place to stop in at night. I called it the “Fairy Inn” right from the start. So after we cut it down, I made a fairy house of stones and shells so my little friends would know I did not do it to hurt their little inn.

I also let that space around the tree stump grow a little wild. It’s like a little fairy compound now.

I imagine all kinds of fairy get-togethers in that space during the magical night hours. I wish I could see them, but I have to be content to just KNOW that they are enjoying that space.

See my Facebook page for pictures of a Fairy House I made.

Fairies aren’t the only little people living on my little island.

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