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Who Makes the Magic?
A Christmas tale of magic on a small island. All Mark Waters can think of is how awful it will be if there aren't any toys under the tree at Christmas. He knows his parents are having financial trouble and there's a good chance the tree will be bare. But with a little help from the Little People of Nikommo Island, Mark learns that there's more to Christmas than bicycles and board games. Throw in an aging theatrical neighbor, a snooty know-it-all cousin, and a little bit of island lore, and you're sure to put this little tale on your list of annual must-reads at Christmastide....or any time of year when you could use a little magic. Written for adults, but suitable for all ages. Shorter/bedtime version at the end for younger children.

Long version: 9576 words; bedtime version 2693 words. $1.49, available as ebook only

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Lebanon, Land of My Ancestors, 2010
Step off the typical tourist trail and onto the walking paths of Lebanon's natural landscape. Beth David infuses her story with humor and personal family stories. A bit of history and a lot of pictures round out this short book about a trip to one of the most intriguing places on earth: Lebanon, land of milk and honey. 

17,900 words; 198 photos. Available as ebook only, $2.99.
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And the Medallion of Corandu

A fantasy novel written for adults, and suitable for young readers, 11+

Strong women characters. Minimal violence, no foul language.

Fantasy lovers of all ages will appreciate this tale of adventure. 

ISBN: 0974017000

Travel with Sonya as she finds herself stranded in a strange world with no modern conveniences and a frightening, yet ill-defined, power floating around inside the minds of the Ruling Family members.

Zorena, chosen heir to the Rule of Anatawen, the most powerful realm on the Vastness of Loraden, at once endears herself to Sonya and simultaneously infuriates the impetuous adolescent. Still, Sonya cannot stop herself as she becomes entwined in the struggles between good and evil in this place, especially when she discovers the presence of another person from her world who is fighting for the other side.

Ebook: $4.99

Paperback: 238 pages, includes 16 photos & map, $13.99 + S&H. 

For a personalized/signed copy, please email author2@zorena.com. Credit cards accepted. 

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